You may have questions, here are the most common ones

When will I receive my Bamboocycle?

All our bikes are hand crafted one by one, it usually takes us 2 weeks to ship however this time can vary depending on our demand. Once you make your purchase you will receive a shipping date confirmation.

Are bamboocycles strong enough?

Yes they do, our Racer frame has been put to extensive stress tests by Microbac company in the United states here you can see the results: resultados.

As a fun fact we can now brag that while Microbac requested 3 frames for their test (1 for each control) we decided to ship just one and it excelled all tests.

How long will my Bamboocycle last?

Bamboo lifespan depends on the use and care each user provides. Like all types of wood (or grass in this case) Bamboo requires some special care including cleaning and hydration (using wood oil) and try avoiding excessive continuous exposure (weeks) to the elements. Bamboocycles are designed for normal urban, dirt roads and track usage, they should not be used for extreme sports, mountaineering or acrobatics

How much weight can they withstand?

User weight should not exceed 115kgs.

Is my Bamboocycle water resistan?

Since bamboo is a hygroscopic fiber it has a high propensity to absorb moisture find in its surroundings, however all our bikes are treated and regular rain circumstances pose no risk to our products, we recommend nonetheless to dry any remaining water on the frame after your ride. You should avoid submerging your Bamboocycle in water since this excessive moisture can encourage bacteria and fungi to grow on its surface.

What if I fall?

This can sound as a weird question but is one of the most frequently asked. While falling is a normal process of riding a bike, your Bamboocycle will take advantage of its flexibility and absorb the impact with little damage to its structure making it harder to brake than an aluminum or steel frame.

What are the necessary care instructions for my bike?

It’s important for your bike to receive the following cares:


What happens if my Bamboocycle has a tear?

Bamboo natural structure will not be affected by a tear, so you can continue using your Bamboocycle after a small incident. It’s important however that you notify us if this happen since tears are covered by our retailers as long as the bicycle is still under warranty. If your warranty has expired don’t worry we can repair your bike for a small fees

If you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate and send us a message.


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Feel safe, your Bamboocycles has warranty.


We offer a limited 5 year warranty against fabrication defects. This warranty is valid after the registered date on the original and stamped purchasing order. The warranty covers defects that are naturally occurring on bamboo or are presented within fabrication or assembling process in our premises. i.e. fissures, cracks, If such defects are present and are verified by bamboocycles we would repair or replace either the piece or the full frame if needed. In order to verify the claim, the affected bicycle will be analyzed by Bamboocycles or one of our approved partners to determine the validity of it. Bamboocycles S.A. de C.V, is not responsible for any defects caused by the improper use of its product, including: incorrect assembly, accessories incompatibility or general failures caused by unauthorized modification of the product. Misuse of our product will automatically void the warranty, our bicycles are designed for city use and should not be used for activities such as: mountain biking, acrobatics, etc Bamboocycles S.A. de C.V.shall not be held responsible of incidents, damages or losses caused by the incorrect use of our product. Bamboocycles S.A. de C.V will not cover partial or total payment for products that have been misplaced, stolen or damaged during shipping or transportation in any process that occurs after the product has been delivered to the original buyer. All images presented in our catalogs are there for illustrative purposes, they should not be interpreted as use suggestions or as representations of the final product. The accessories described and shown can vary without notice due to their availability in the local market. Buy buying our products you accept the terms and conditions described on this warranty. Each Bamboocycles product includes a warranty note that should be sealed and dated, we ask you to please verify this information upon receiving your product and in case of doubt or comment, please contact us at warranty@bamboocycles.com or call us (+52) 55 6280 3436 [/one_half][/container]


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